Solar Image Processing

by 남명도 posted Jul 01, 2003


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Solar Image Processing
Here is my current processing flow for solar images taken using the Canon D60:

Take a number of individual raw-format images and...

convert to 16-bit TIFF
extract only the red channel from each, saving as 16-bit grayscale
align and combine (average mode) in MaxIm/DL
save result as 16-bit TIFF
load in PS and compress the output levels a bit (to avoid clipping in next step)
50 iterations Van Cittert deconvolution in Images Plus, 9x9 PSF
back in PS, slight (about 10%) unsharp mask at radius 250 to handle limb darkening, boost contrast on disk
about 70% unsharp mask at radius 1 to sharpen things up a touch
adjust levels for detail in photosphere
convert to 8-bit, save as base layer in a new file
undo a few steps, adjust levels for chromosphere and prominences
save as a new file
open base layer image
convert edge image to 8-bit, select all, paste onto base layer image
select main disk using "select color range"
adjust selection to edge of photosphere
feather one or two pixels, delete
re-do the last few steps about five times until it looks right (this is the trickiest part)
save layered image to another file (to be able to back-track if needed)
flatten image, save as a new file
convert to RGB mode
duplicate layer, set top layer blend mode to "luminosity"
add color to bottom layer using curves tool (zero blue, bend red upward, bend green downward)
make any final tweaks to luminance (top) layer and color layer
flatten image
celebrate with a trip to the refrigerator!
사진은 캐논의 D60으로 촬영한 사진입니다(퍼옴)
위 설명대로 처리를 한듯합니다.
어려운 용어가 많아서 이해하기 힘드는군요. 대충봐서는 맥심과 포토샵을 이용한듯 합니다. (채널을 분리했다가 레벨조정과 샤픈을 주고 그레이스케일로 변환한다음 다시......)
고수님들의 정확한 해석 부탁드립니다.


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